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Theme Parties with Dueling Pianos

80's Night

If you are looking for an exciting, fun idea for your next corporate event, we highly recommend a theme night. We have performed our dueling pianos show at several themed parties and it is such a blast! Here are a few ideas for your next shindig that we highly recommend:

80's Night

Have your guests dress, like, totally radical in their best 80's outfits. Encourage creativity with a costume contest during the night. You can have a make-up and crimping station for the ladies (and the dudes). Put fun 80's games throughout the venue like Connect Four and Rubik's Cubes. Have iconic 80's movies like 'Breakfast Club' or 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' playing on the side walls via a projector (with or without the sound). And, of course, the 80's was all about the music. Hire a band, Dueling Pianos or a DJ that will get the crowd singing and dancing to all their favorite 80's tunes. You just can't go wrong with songs like 'Don't Stop Believing' and 'Living on a Prayer.' So choice.

Disco Party

Have your guests put on their boogie shoes and get down with a groovy disco party. Decor can be so much fun for this them like glitter, gold and disco balls. Turn your party into a Studio 54 club. Have your guests get gussied up in their best bell-bottoms and halter tops. And make sure to have a great band or Dueling Pianos team to fill up the dance floor to let your guests show off their moves.

Speakeasy/Roaring 20's

Transport your guests to the grandest time for glitz and glamour with a Great Gatsby-esque party. Your options are endless for decor and costumes. This era is timeless so it won't be too difficult for your guests to dress the part. We have performed at several of these events and it so much fun. Two baby grand pianos fit this style like fringe on a flapper dress.

The Academy Awards

This theme works extremely well if your corporate event includes an awards ceremony. Make your guests feel like they are at the Oscars. Include a red carpet and paparazzi as they enter the venue. Decorate the venue like old Hollywood. Have an MC or 'host' that will treat the night like an awards show. For each award have Hollywood themed music as the award winner walks up to the stage. And finish the night with a Dueling Pianos show that will make everyone feel like a winner.

For more information on the Jeff & Rhiannon Dueling Pianos Show, visit:


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