07/14/22     Corporate Live Stream                       Virtual Event
07/09/22     Wedding                                               Edmonds, WA
07/02/22     Black Diamond 4th of July Event       Black Diamond, WA
06/25/22     Evergreen Health Gala                        Seattle, WA
06/17/22     Society of Pediatrics Conference       Big Sky, MT
06/10/22     Ocean5 Social                                      Gig Harbor, WA
06/04/22     Hampton Yacht Club Rendezvous      Roche Harbor, WA
06/03/22     Tuxera Retirement Party                     Seattle, WA
05/28/22     Brown County Playhouse                    Nashville, IN
05/21/22     PenFed Gala                                         Washington, DC
05/13/22     Foster/Garvey Corporate Retreat      Seattle, WA
05/12/22     LeadingAge of Oregon Event              Redmond, OR
05/06/22     Wedding                                                Mukilteo, WA
05/03/22     CASP Corporate Event                         Portland, OR
04/01/22     Harvey's Lake Tahoe                            Lake Tahoe, CA
03/10/22     WiPro Virtual Event                              Virtual Live Stream
03/04/22     Windermere Corporate Party              Bozeman, MT
02/24/22     Refrigeration Sales Corporate Event  Nemacolin Resort
02/14/22     Valentine's Day Show                           Marysville Opera House
02/10/22     Corporate Live Stream                         Virtual Live Stream
01/27/22     Corporate Live Stream                         Virtual Live Stream
01/24/22     Win-Win Charity Event                          Virtual Live Stream
01/19/22     Onfido Corporate Event                         Virtual Live Stream
12/31/21     New Year's Eve Show                            Virtual Live Stream
12/18/21     Private Holiday Party                             Snohomish, WA
12/15/21     PIF Virtual Holiday Party                       Virtual Live Stream
12/13/21     Microsoft Virtual Holiday Party             Virtual Live Stream
12/12/21     Activate Holiday Party                            Virtual Live Stream
12/11/21     GitHub Global Event                                Virtual Live Stream
12/10/21     Audigy Holiday Party                              Vancouver, WA
12/10/21     Amazon Virtual Holiday Party                Virtual Live Stream
12/09/21     Master Builders Holiday Party               Seattle, WA
12/09/21     Mars Virtual Holiday Party                     Virtual Live Stream
12/08/21     Microsoft Azure Holiday Party               Virtual Live Stream
12/08/21     Amazon Virtual Holiday Party                Virtual Live Stream
12/04/21     Ag Nutrien Holiday Party                        Spokane, WA
12/03/21     Calisto Media Virtual Party                     Virtual Live Stream
12/02/21     Zealth Holiday Party                                Museum of Flight, Seattle
11/22/21     Children's Hospital Virtual Show           Virtual Live Stream
11/17/21     Ed-Fi Summit                                           Austin, TX
10/29/21     Audigy Conference                                  Skamania Lodge, WA
10/08/21     NAM Gala                                                  Houston, TX
10/06/21     Corporate Live Stream                            Virtual Live Stream
08/27/21     CDA Casino                                                CDL, ID
08/21/21     Private Wedding                                       Mt Hood, OR
08/12/21     Private Wedding                                       Seattle Aquarium
08/07/21     Private Birthday Party                              Port Orchard, WA
07/29/21     UACT Fundraiser                                       Roseburg, OR
07/27/21     Virtual Breast Cancer Fundraiser           Virtual Live Stream
07/25/21     Private Birthday Party                              Encinitas, CA
07/21/21     Taylor Foods Corporate Event                  Carmel, CA
06/19/21     Private Wedding                                        Seattle, WA
06/19/21     Pen-Fed Credit Union Event                     Nemacolin Resort, PA
05/27/21     TraceLink Virtual Show                             Virtual Live Stream
05/15/21     MultiCare Virtual Fundraiser                    Virtual Live Stream
05/12/21     SCARS Virtual Event                                  Virtual Live Stream
04/15/21     KPMG Virtual Event                                   Virtual Live Stream
03/10/21     Amazon Virtual Party                                Virtual Live Stream 
03/06/21     SON Foundation Fundraiser                     Virtual Live Stream
02/15/21     MagnaCare Virtual Event                          Virtual Live Stream
02/02/21     Motorola Solutions Virtual Show             Virtual Live Stream

02/02/21     Microsoft Virtual Event                              Virtual Live Stream
01/28/21     Microsoft Azure Virtual Show                   Virtual Live Stream
01/22/21     Tracelink Virtual Event                              Virtual Live Stream
01/16/21     IBS Virtual Event                                        Virtual Live Stream
12/31/20     NYE Virtual Show!                                      Virtual Live Stream
12/22/20     SC Virtual Holiday Party                            Virtual Live Stream
12/18/20     Sequoia Holiday Party                               Virtual Live Stream
12/18/20     Vulcan Virtual Holiday Part                       Virtual Live Stream
12/17/20     Greystar Real Estate Holiday Party          Virtual Live Stream

12/17/20     Amazon Virtual Holiday Party                   Virtual Live Stream
12/16/20     Virtu Virtual Holiday Party                        Virtual Live Stream1
12/15/20     Microsoft Holiday Party                             Virtual Live Stream
12/14/20     Pluto TV Virtual Holiday Party                  Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
12/10/20     General Mills Virtual Party                        Virtual Live Stream
11/30/20     Sanofi Virtual Event                                   Virtual Live Stream
​10/05/20     NVAR Virtual Event                                    Virtual Live Stream
10/29/20     LeadingAge Virtual Show                         Virtual Live Stream

10/26/20     Wedding                                                      Columbus, OH

09/20/20     Corporate Event                                         McCall, ID
09/19/20     Wedding                                                      Columbus, OH
09/17/20     Lewiston City Fundraiser                          Lewiston, MT
07/25/20     Wedding                                                      Cle Elum, WA
06/25/20     Microsoft Azure Virtual Conference         Virtual Show
06/24/20     Microsoft Azure Virtual Conference         Virtual Show
02/29/20     Rising Star Show                                       Rising Sun, IN
02/14/20     Valentine's Day Show                                Marysville Opera House
02/11/20     Corporate Event                                         Seattle, WA   
02/06/20     ATT&T Pebble Beach Prom Am                Pebble Beach, CA
01/25/20     Microsoft Corporate Event                        MoPop, Seattle, WA
01/23/20     BDA Corporate Party                                 Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle
01/22/20     Seimens Medical Solutions Party            Newcastle, WA
01/20/20     Corporate Event                                         Seattle, WA
01/18/20     City of Malta Fundraiser                            Malta, MT
01/17/20     Meadowlark Corporate Party                    Billings, MT
01/11/20     First American Title Holiday Party           Portland, OR
01/10/20     American Family Insurance Event           Hollywood, FL
01/08/20     Kuzco Lighting Convention                       Dallas, TX
12/28/19     Emerald Downs Casino Show Room       Auburn, WA
12/20/19     Exotic Metals Holiday Part                        Kent, WA

12/13/19 Holiday Party                         Seattle, WA
12/13/19     Propel Insurance Holiday Party                Tacoma, WA
12/07/19     Microsoft Holiday Party                             Seattle, WA
12/06/19     Microsoft Holiday Party                             Bellevue, WA
12/06/19     ExtraHop Holiday Party                             Seattle, WA
12/01/19     Clearwater Casino Show Room                Clearwater Casino
11/30/19     Clearwater Casino Show Room                Clearwater Casino
11/29/19     IWCD Holiday Party                                    Nanaimo, BC Canada
11/13/19     SARS Convention                                       Monterey, CA
10/26/19     Swinomish Casino Show Room                Anacortes, WA
10/24/19     DeveloperDays Convention                       Warsaw, Poland
10/12/19     Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser                    Havre, MT
10/11/19     Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser                    Great Falls, MT
10/09/19     Microsoft Corporate Event                         Semiahmoo, WA
10/05/19     Private Event                                               Bangor, ME
09/28/19     SOSF Fundraiser                                         Canyonville, OR
09/26/19     Alaska Airlines Corporate Event                Seattle, WA
09/17/19     WorkDay Corporate Event                           San Ramon, CA
09/15/19     CareFirst Corporate Event                          Greenbrier, WV
09/14/19     Ten Trails Festival                                        Black Diamond, WA
09/13/19     Amazon/Universal Corporate Party           Seattle, WA
09/06/19     Private Event                                                 Blaine, WA
08/24/19     Private Event                                                 Seattle, WA
07/26/19     Taylor Fresh Foods Corporate Event           Carmel, CA
07/12/19     Private Event                                                 Cle Elum, WA
07/11/19     Taylor Fresh Foods Party                             Monterey, CA
06/21/19     Edward Jones Corporate Event                   Cle Elum, WA
06/20/19     MSCPA Corporate Event                               Billings, MT
06/19/19     Kuzco Lighting Convention                          Dallas, TX
06/12/19     Corporate Event                                            Seattle, WA
06/01/19     Hampton Yacht Club Rendez-Vous              Roche Harbor, WA
05/15/19     Corporate Event                                            Seattle, WA
05/09/19     Sheehan Majestic Party                                Coeur d'Alene
05/08/19     Microsoft BUILD Event                                  CenturyLink Field, WA
05/03/19     Cinco de Mayo Party                                      Bremerton, WA
04/27/19     Luekemia & Lymphoma Society                   Boise, ID
03/29/19     Parlor                                                               Bellevue, WA
03/15/19     Clearwater Casino St Patty's Day                 Clearwater Casino, WA
02/27/19     Pacific Seafood Corporate Party                   Vancouver, WA
02/23/19     Corporate Event                                              Seattle, WA
02/14/19     Valentine's Day Concert                                 Marysville Opera House
02/09/19     SDAO Conference                                            Sunriver, OR
02/08/19     The Parlor                                                        Bellevue, WA
01/31/19     US Custom Harvesters Corporate Party       Amarillo, TX
01/26/19     Murphy & Associates Holiday Party              Overlake, WA
01/25/19     Oculus Holiday Party                                       Seattle, WA
01/19/19     DR Horton Holiday Party                                 Bellevue, WA
01/11/19     American Family Insurance                            Boca Raton, FL
01/05/19     Wedding                                                            Leavenworth, WA
01/04/19     The Parlor                                                         Bellevue, WA

2018 Events
US Navy Gala, Bangor Plaza
Larson Manufactoring Holiday Party, Brookings, SD
Surescripts Holiday Party, Portland, OR
Monsanto Holiday Party, Sioux Falls, SD
Conover Insurance Corporate Event, Bellevue, WA
TRANOW Corporate Event, Puyallup, WA
Engel & Volkers USA Corporate Event, Seattle, WA
Stone Lounge NY Party, Bellevue, WA
WCE Corporate Event, Alderbrook Resort
Columbia Hospitality Event, Bremerton, WA
Slegg Building Materials Corporate Event, Victoria, BC
Watford City Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser, Watford City, ND
Cutbank Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser, Cutbank, MT
Emerald Queen Casino Employee Appreciation Party, WA
Microsoft BUILD, Seattle, WA
MGMA Washington State Conference, Portland, OR
LeadingAge of Oregon Convention, Redmond, OR
Corvettes on the Columbia Fundraiser, Pasco, WA
LeadingAge of Washington Conventions, Spokane, WA
Ballard Bay Club Private Event, Seattle, WA
Playstation Corporate Event, Las Vegas, NV
Facebook Corporate Event, San Mateo, CA
The Vine Private Event, Saint Simmons, GA
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser, Great Falls, MT
Private Event, Anaheim, CA
The Parlor, Bellevue, WA
Private Event, Kennewick, WA
King Size Pub, Lausanne, Switzerland
Pacific Retirement Services Party, Ashland, OR
JR Simplot Holiday Party, Coeur d'Alene
Microsoft Holiday Party, Bellevue, WA
UBS Financial Services Holiday Party, Seattle, WA
Microsoft Holiday Party, Seattle, WA
Space Needle Holiday Party, Seattle, WA
Sunset Ford Holiday Party, Tacoma, WA
New Fashion Pork Holiday Party, Okoboji, IA
Life Cycle Engineering Holiday Party, Bremerton, WA
Monin Holiday Party, St Petersburg, FL
Ten Trails Festival, Black Diamond, WA
Tu Nidito Fundraiser, Tuscon, AZ
DeveloperDays Conference, Poland
Hampton Yacht Club Rendez-Vous, Roche Harbor, WA
Marysville Opera House Concert
NEP Open House, Seattle, WA
Pioneer Corporate Event, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
American Family Insurance Corporate Event, Nassau Bahamas

2017 Events
Snap On Tools Corporate Event, Seattle, WA
Microsoft Holiday Party
Willows Lodge Private Event, Woodinville, WA
WCE Corporate Event, Bellevue, WA
First American Corporate Event, SeaTac, WA
Oktoberfest, McCormick Woods, WA
TwinStar Credit Union Corporate Event, Olympia, WA
Georgetown Ballroom Private Event, Georgetown, WA
Cascade Garden Private Event, Yakima, WA
Sheehan Majestic Corporate Event, Coeur d'Alene, WA
Taylor Fresh Foods Corporate Event, Salinas, CA
Hampton Yacht Group Rendez-Vous, Roche Harbor, WA
LeadingAge of Washington Conference, Stevenson ,WA
PDI Corporate Event, Portland, OR
Marquis & Consonus Corporate Event, Portland, OR
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Corporate Event, Sea Island, GA
The Lodge at Camp Zarahemia Private Event, Clear Lake, WA
The Glacier Club Private Event, Durrango, CO
Private Event, Mercer Island, WA
Hollywood School House Private Event, Woodinville, WA
HDR Corporate Event, Norfolk, VA
Nelsons Green Brier Distillery Private Event, Nashville, TN
Saint Martins University Campus Event, Lacey, WA
Axis Private Event, Seattle, WA
AKJOHNSTON Corporate Event, Newport, CA
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser, Havre, MT
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser, Great Falls, MT
Purica Foundation Fundraiser, Duncan, BC, Canada
Xbox Corporate Event, Redmond, WA
King Size Pub, Lausanne, Switzerland
First American Title Holiday Party, Tacoma, WA
Microsoft Holiday Party, Redmond, WA
Life Cycle Engineering Corporate Event, Bremerton, WA
Sunset Chevrolet Holiday Party, Seattle, WA
American Family Insurance Corporate Event, Nassau, Bahamas
Clearwater Casino Show, Clearwater Casino
Corporate Event, San Diego, CA