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Holiday Parties with Dueling Pianos

By far our busiest time of year are the holidays. No, it's not because we are standing in line waiting to buy the latest tech gadget or Tickle Me Elmo (do those still exist?). We are busy performing at countless company holiday parties. Our unique Dueling Pianos Show is the perfect addition to any holiday event. Companies are asking their hardworking employees to take an evening of their limited free time and spend it with the same people they see day in and day out. So companies must make these nights unforgettable.

Enter Jeff & Rhiannon. We have mastered the art of entertainment. Our guests get to spend the evening singing, laughing and dancing. We love being able to bring coworkers together - because who doesn't sing at the top of their lungs when Journey is played? There is always sure to be plenty of water cooler talk the next day.

To find out how to bring our award-winning Dueling Pianos Show to your holiday party, contact us today!

Jeff & Rhiannon Dueling Pianos Show


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