Dueling Pianos with the NFL in Seattle

This Sunday we partnered with The Traveller, Inc to bring our dueling pianos show to the Seahawks pre-game NFL sponsor party. It was so much fun. The lead up to the party was a bit was initially planned as a tailgate style event in a large outdoor tent. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was for typhoon like winds so it all had to be moved indoors last minute. Thankfully the team at National Event Pros worked their magic and put on a killer event indoors. Even though it was a bit surreal to be performing at 11:00am, we had a blast. We hope to work with the NFL again soon! For more information on our dueling pianos show, visit:

Dueling Pianos in Great Falls, Montana

Thank you to the amazing people of Great Falls, Montana for such an incredible night. Not only did you keep us two extra hours on stage, you helped raise a whole lot of money for the great Boys & Girls Club of Cascade County. This was definitely the best year yet. We can't wait to bring our dueling pianos show to your fundraiser in 2017! For more information on the Jeff & Rhiannon Dueling Pianos Show, visit:

Dueling Pianos in Seattle 

Saturday night we brought our dueling pianos show to the JCM Northlink coporate party in Seattle. The setting was superb taking place at The Golf Club at Newcastle. We so enjoyed performing for the 450 people working hard to bring light rail to the city of Seattle. It was a fantastic show full of great requests, laughter and so much singing. For more information on bringing The Jeff and Rhiannon Dueling Pianos Show to your corporate or private party, visit:

Dueling Pianos Kansas City

Last night we performed our dueling pianos show for the COMTEC conference at Union Station in Kansas City, MO. This was our second time performing for this group and, once again, we had a blast! Union Station is an incredible venue and just large enough to accommodate the nearly 1,000 audience members. We always love performing for large groups like this. Often people think of dueling pianos working only in a small format setting. But when you have the right combination of a good set up and a team experienced with large audiences, it is a match made in heaven. We brought our Dueling Pianos Dance Party Package to Kansas City for this event. It's such a great show...especially for these